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The learning channel anatomy of sex. How Vaginas Work.

The learning channel anatomy of sex

Ultimately, all the parts of the body are potential or actual sexual organs in the context of pleasure, though some body parts or areas, overall, tend to play a bigger role for most people than other parts do. The clitoral glans and shaft is usually more sensitive than the whole of the penis because the density of nerve endings is greater. While we more often hear folks with penises talking about "getting hard," people with clitorises get hard, too. Embedded in its spongy erectile tissue are up to 30 or more tiny prostatic-like glands that produce an alkaline fluid similar in constitution to the male prostatic fluid. The Penis The penis is primarily composed of three columns of tissue: We've said it before here , and we'll likely need to say it fifty million times more: You might have heard that your brain is your most important sex organ. The anus , rectum and perianal region Everyone has an asshole and everyone can also be an asshole. Like the penis, all the portions of the clitoris can become erect during sexual arousal. The anus -- the external opening to the rectum, visible between your butt cheeks -- is surrounded by two concentric rings of muscle: Analysis carried out by Whipple and Perry in the early s established substantially higher levels of antigen and glucose, and substantially lower levels of creatinine and urea in samples of ejaculatory fluid than in samples of urine from the same women.

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    Just like you're hopefully thinking now of the brain, the genitals and other body parts as pretty impossible to consider as totally separate places when it comes to sex, so it goes for the vagina and all of the other parts that are around it.


    Because women's arousal is harder to detect, and because women's orgasms aren't essential to reproduction, many people -- both men and women -- assumed that sex was something women put up with to have babies, not something that could be enjoyed.


    The vulva is often incorrectly called the vagina.


    In other words, they found the chemical makeup of ejaculate to be substantially different than that of urine.


    How long your penis is really doesn't make a difference to anybody in terms of pleasure, even if someone claims it does which they usually do either because they think that's what they're supposed to say, or because they're trying to put you down.


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    The brain receives and processes messages from your sensory organs, giving you and other parts of your body information about how something or someone, including yourself looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels to you. That's all brain stuff.


    The clitoral glans and shaft is usually more sensitive than the whole of the penis because the density of nerve endings is greater.


    Like the vagina, most of those nerve endings are concentrated around the opening and just inside the rectum.


    Try it for yourself: