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Top 10 Hottest Female Movie Villains

Sexy villain.

Sexy villain

The villain's Start of Darkness began with sudden mass murder. Though more case of nuts and misunderstood, Gun X Sword features ex-prostitute Fasalina, who is still gratuitous enough to reveal some of her ample bosom though not so Stripperiffic , fights on a strip pole, long gorgeous hair In Monster , Johan Liebert is by far the most attractive man in the entire series. Driven by a pathological need to feel superior. He also has a stylish suit and glasses and is very hot even while tormenting Negi. The broken slaves lie there in shock as they realize they are property of the Beast forever. Malus in the comics and the story could easily spin out from season 2's experiments at IGH. Attractive, quick-witted and dry. Well known for producing and trafficking illegal drugs of all kinds. A powerful, mysterious knight who wears black armor. I wanted to do all of those things to her anyway.

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    A construction team that destroys a character's childhood memories when said character grows up.


    Janira tries to scream and struggle but soon her eyes roll back as the drug takes effect.


    Odette meets her Master for a sensual consensual playdate. The Big Bad Shuffle:


    Greed, who is introduced with two attractive women hanging on either arm.


    Force continues the tradition with Arnage of Huckebein, an Evil Redhead with bared midriff , nice rack and hotpants, as well as her teammate Curren who wears a fancy sports bra thing she fills out well along with shorts.


    A villain who acts as an evil foil to the hero's personality and is a main block to his journey towards his destiny.


    Bad guys who combine the worst traits of both communism and fascism.


    Marvel passed through their ranks, so an explosion of C-List Marvel characters could be around the corner. Who cares, as long as we get to watch!