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Sex scream slang. Appendix:Glossary of U.S. Navy slang.

Sex scream slang

Most commonly seen on a "Dogged Watch" schedule. The huge nylon net strung across the landing area of a carrier to arrest the landing of an aircraft with damaged gear or a damaged tailhook. A sexually amenable or available woman. Midnight, entered as when writing logs; The "Fourballs watch" is midnight to when underway on a submarine, using a 3 person x 6 hour shift, 18 hour rotation "day" for each watchstation. Supplies of all sorts needed by a warship. Can also refer to those who wear khakis Chiefs, Officers since it is assumed that most have "brown-nosed" to obtain their present position. Standard Navy-issue corrective eyewear for non-flight crew and non-flight deck personnel. Submarine Qualification Device, called dolphins because of the dolphin fish used in the design. A slang term that is used to describe that the commencement time of an operation or exercise is after midnight and before daylight; most typically when people would be deep asleep. If the angle becomes too large, he will be ordered "mind your bubble.

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    Someone who is a traitor. Anything that is made or done ad hoc in the field.


    The sky was divided into decas or tenths of cloud cover.


    Beans, bullets, and black oil:


    Virtually any powdered, artificially flavored, juice-like substance served in the mess hall of almost any group male environment from Scout Camp through the Military.


    Squared the fuck Away" is often used by those that can't attain A.


    Aircraft Handlers on the Hangar Deck. A term often used by an annoying lifer who has no life outside the navy to insult a sailor for having a few wrinkles in his uniform, having missed a spot while shaving, having a small spot on his uniform, having hair barely touching his ears, etc.


    To throw someone 'under the bus', or to out someone as being the one who did something wrong or made a bad call. A term, American in origin, for someone who makes a living by informing to the police, i.


    Alternatively, "stop your grinnin' and grab your linen. A British term from for turning the King's evidence.