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Video about how to give good oral sex to a man:

Blow Job Techniques -- The Women Discuss!

How to give good oral sex to a man. Oral Sex: Better to Give and Receive, Volume 1.

How to give good oral sex to a man

Even if you decide to give a 'quickie' blow job, your attitude allows you to be the best he's ever had. Specifically, Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on females, whereas fellatio refers to oral sex performed on males. Taking your hand, make a fist around the shaft of your lover's penis with your little finger resting on his pubic bone. The saliva from your mouth generally gives you enough lubrication to easily move your hand along the shaft of his penis. Isn't that true of anything in life? Cleaning the dishes is dirty and undesirable and yet it gets compared to the equivalent of fellatio? Hands and mouths work really well together. You can also gently tug on his testicles as though you were pulling on the reins while riding a horse to let him know he needs to slow it down. For the more adventurous. We provide a great deal of education about this in our articles under our site. He is laying on the bed and had negotiated a blow job. No one becomes an expert without a little trial and error, and this is as true with oral sex as it is with anything else.

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    The reasons that fellatio is generally more socially accepted are as follows- Fellatio between disease-free people does not in and of itself lead to disease. And my— Self 2:


    A subcategory, Analingus, refers to oral stimulation of a person's anus, both male or female.


    I have studied this question, and here are my conclusions.


    After all, this is something that you are going to want to be prepared to avoid. Some have compared oral and anal sex.


    Even when a person chooses to be with a variety of partners while dating or through open relationships, we can really enjoy sex on a deeper level when we let ourselves truly BE with people.


    Find other activities that are mutually pleasurable.


    Not everyone can overcome that. Gagging Remedies It happens to the best of us and the main thing to remember that psychologically you need to not panic.