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Houston Sex Offender Convicted of Sexually Assaulting, Infecting 2 Girls with HIV

Houston sex predators. How to protect your child from sex trafficking predators in the suburbs.

Houston sex predators

Alfaro was convicted for predatory criminal sexual assault and given 20 years in prison. When the relationship turned violent, Rebecca became frightened and went to the police. Middle-school teacher for the Aldine Independent district in Houston, Texas, accused of having sex with her eighth-grade student — an act that led to her pregnancy and later, abortion — turned herself in to Montgomery County police in May to face charges of sexual abuse. The baby boy was retrieved from the toilet and buried in the backyard where his body was later exhumed by police. It is obvious the abortion clinic did not file a report since Isenhower continued to assault Marlie until when she came forward and told authorities what was occurring. The other response is the policy of the denial. They also show he impregnated her another eight or nine times over the next six years and forced her to have abortions in each case. Since there were multiple abortions and the sexual activity continued after each one, it is certain that none of the abortion clinics involved made a report. Amanda Athey Amanda Athey, In , she became pregnant and miscarried.

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    Lisa eventually went to the police and, in , Carter was given 36 to 45 years in prison for first-degree rape, indecent liberties with a child and statutory rape. It is clear the abortion clinic did not file a report since the Rivas impregnated the victim again the following year.


    Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs Research by: New registrations are NOT done on Wednesdays.


    The perpetrator was subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of battery on a child under 12 and one count of sexual battery. One victim was forced to undergo three abortions starting at age 10 and there was at least one additional abortion done on one of her sisters.


    Holly left home two years later saying she could no longer take the abuse. Between the two girls, three pregnancies resulted from these assaults and, in each case, their mother took them for abortions.


    Thompson says after befriending the teen and earning her trust, the groomer will divide the teen from her family and then use threats and blackmail to force the teen into sex trafficking.


    At 14, she was pregnant by Scism and he took her to a Clearwater abortion clinic where an abortion was performed.


    Given that the abuse continued for many years afterward, it is clear the Planned Parenthood facility did not file a report. Given the number of abortions and the time-span of the assaults, it is indisputable that neither the abortionist nor any of the clinic staff filed a report.


    These sisters told detectives that they had a total of seven abortions and that, at one point, Dixon took both of them for abortions on the same day. In both instances, Jazwinski dealt with the same clinic employees, paid cash for the abortions, and always insisted on being present during the counseling sessions.


    It is clear the abortion clinic did not file a report since the Rivas impregnated the victim again the following year. It implies that the Pakistani community should be treated differently to other sectors of society; that respect for racial solidarity is more important than the rights of vulnerable white girls; that the fashionable belief in ethnic minority victimhood cannot be challenged.


    As Click2Houston put it: