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Highest rated sex stories. GTA V is joint highest-rated game ever on Metacritic.

Highest rated sex stories

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    Neither of us want to have these piglets you must help us we only agreed to go through with it to save our reputation and now we don't have to please you must.


    Standing next to the tent in rain coat and hat was old Joe.


    He avenged a loss at the hands of McShane in at the same venue. She shuddered with anticipation.


    Margaret took a little longer to convince but the Doc explained that he would forge an official document containing the offer of research assistant work to make it easy for all parties to explain their absences to friends and family. As she felt the weight slide from her Margaret moved forward and turned to see the boar still standing eyeing her intently.


    Olivia had satisfied six boars when she could no longer take the weight of the seventh boar now riding her.


    Immediately it began to spray hot cum deep into the girls womb. In a natural response the girl to move her legs further apart to avoid additional injury.


    By midnight they had only gone half way and they decided that they had to take the risk and make their way along the grassy verge which would be softer on their feet and the going would be clear. Jennie felt the slippery penis slide across her hips and slap into her inner thigh.


    As she herd nothing more Jenny decided to wash in the small creek before preparing a meal. Jennie gasped, not at the size but the warmth of the invading member that twisted within her sheath.


    Jennie groaned as the black bulk waddled toward her.


    Olivia's lips twisted in pain as the boar detached from her cervix and slowly withdrew leaving the girls vagina plugged.