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Ciborg has sex with starfire

He also tends to be stubborn at times and has had some serious arguments with Robin in the past, but he does make a capable second-in-command in Robin's absence. This is evident in Car Trouble , where she initially dismissed Cyborg's dismay over his stolen T-Car by telling him "Calm down, it's just a car. Contents [ show ] History Cyborg was a promising strong teenage athlete named Victor Stone before an accident that killed his mother and injured him so severely that his father replaced the damaged body parts with cybernetics to keep his son alive. Cyborg's tan face had a few, dirty smudges on it. Cyborg also makes note of Starfire's close relationship with Robin, and in Stranded , he even teased Robin, calling Starfire his girlfriend. He is capable of detaching both arms from his body, either attached to a cable as a grappling hook, or launched as flying projectiles. Cyborg sometimes "Cy" is the half-cybernetic half-man, chief technological expert and one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans. At times, especially when Robin is absent, Cyborg has demonstrated excellent leadership and tactical capabilities, which came especially handy in the formation of Titans East. Outraged, Cyborg declared a personal vendetta on Blood and confronted him personally when he attempted to employ a gigantic sonic cannon from an undersea base. He is incredibly durable to harm, and resistant to adverse conditions like extreme heat, cold, and sea pressure. When Cyborg is the only one left with Raven in Fear Itself , he likely knew she was afraid, and tried to reassure her that they'll get through the ordeal. This is why he only uses it in desperation, and it is much like an ultimate form, much like Beast Boy 's Werebeast form and Raven 's white form.

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    What was wrong with this…new Robin?


    As it turned out, however, Blood had managed to capture and brainwash the Titans East into becoming his students, and also initiated his own transformation into a cyborg. He decides to make Starfire 'his'.


    Starfire thought to herself as she undressed herself out of her nightgown and pulled on her normal Titan attire: The sun was shining.


    They entered the dark hallways. Raven, for her part, reciprocates this, as she is more patient with Cyborg than she is with Beast Boy.


    Cyborg also makes note of Starfire's close relationship with Robin, and in Stranded , he even teased Robin, calling Starfire his girlfriend. This is particularly true in interactions with Raven, where he tries his best to include her, but is still considerate of Raven's feelings and preference for peace and quiet.


    Starfire let her thin, golden-skinned legs carry her to the Titans' main room.